Crash Landing

Time to get up and go!

As the crew of the of the ship is awaken by the sound of alarms going off, a short man with brown hair come’s running though the door. “We’re under attack! Everyone to their post!” As the group start to make their way to from the barracks toward’s the bridge they notice two medium ships beginning to move into boarding positions. They reach the bridge and the captain tells them “We have lost our shield’s and they have disabled the hyperdrive, I want everyone to head to the armory and take a blaster pistol, and man the airlocks. We just have to hold them off long enough till our engineers get our hyperdrive back online”.
The crew gather thier gear and make thier way to the airlocks, where they feel the ship start to shake, then they hear some grinding noises before the airlock doors blow off.
Can the group hold back the boarding party?


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